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MPPT Charge Controller 24VDC 10Ampere SRMRT2410

Alat ini berfungsi untuk menstabilkan dan membatasi arus yang masuk ke battery, sehingga mengoptimalkan pengecasan pada battery dan terhindar dari over charge.

Product Features :
1. Adopting double crest or multi crest tracing technique, used for the condition when a part of solar panel is under shadow or parts of solar panel is damage.
2. Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm which could promote the energy utilization efficiency of pv system. The charging efficiency is 15%~20% higher than PWM mode.
3. It can find out the best working point of I-V curve within 1 minute. the MPPT efficiency could reach to 99.9%.
4. Adopting advanced digital power supply techniques which makes the energy conversion efficiency reach up to 97%.
5. Four charging stages: MPPT - equalizing charge- boosting charge- floating charge.
6. With current-limiting charging mode. When the power of solar panel is oversized, the controller will lower charging power automatically, which enable the system to work under the rated charging current.
7. Have the fault code indication, it helps user confirm the system fault.
8. Various load control methods. Could recognize day and night automatically.
9. Various system protection functions. Including over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, over-heat, battery-reverse connection and short-circuit protection etc.

What is in the box:
1pcs SCC unit
1pcs Manual Book

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